Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Run In With Farm Equipment

Had a little run in with farm equipment on the road yesterday. A blade from a huge disc hit my driver's side mirror and knocked it out.

No further damage and no injuries. A few more inches though and it would have taken me and my car out. Ain't God good?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Church Of The Here And Now

Friends, this is fiction.  But it is something that could possibly happen in the near future.  We Christians need to wake up and stand up for God before it is too late.  I hope this piece will give you something to think about.

If my people who are  called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14.

I saw the building in the distance and decided to get a closer look.  The sign in the front yard had these words: Welcome to the Church of the Here and Now.

As I walked up the door, a man greeted me.   “I see you are interested in our church.  Let me give you a tour.”

Just inside the door was a table holding two large binders.  I did not see a Bible anywhere.  “These binders have taken the place of the Bible.  In the Church of the Here and Now we have found the Bible is Politically Incorrect.  The binders contain our lists of PC terms.  You see instead of sin we use the term mistake.  Instead of God we say Higher Power.  By doing this we do not offend anyone with differing beliefs.”

He then led me into the sanctuary.  “Here you see all the sections we have,” He proudly waved his arm around the room.  we walled up to a section.  “Here is where most of our white people sit  However, you will see a smaller section.  That is where white people who do not understand or believe in white privilege sit.  Next, we have a section reserved for our African-American members.  We find our friends of African descent very comfortable here.  We do not use words like slavery, shackles or anything like that for fear of offending them.  Our next section is for our neighbors who have crossed the border.  We do not call them illegal aliens—that is very offensive.  We called them our undocumented friends.”

The next section he led me to hard plastic bubbles built around the seats.  “I see you are wondering who sits here.” He said with a grin.  This is where our future leaders sit—our college students.  Here they are protected by the bubbles so nothing can hurt their feelings.  They each have their own ‘safe places’.  The last section was lit with rainbow lights.  When I asked about this section, he proudly replied, “This is for our LGBT members sit.  They requested their lights be in rainbow colors to show solidarity.”

“You will see each seat has special earbuds.  These filter out any offensive words that might slip in.  It also lets our members hear what will make them feel good.  Our pastor’s sermons are reviewed before Church by a special agency but sometimes words do slip in or fall through the cracks.”

By this time, I just needed to be alone and process all I had heard. “Uh-where are the bathrooms?” I asked.  “Oh,” he said with a broad smile. “right this way.”  He led me down a short hall and pointed to the bathrooms. “Naturally, they are all gender neutral.  After all we want to befriend not offend.”

When I awoke sweat was running down my face and tears were stinging my eyes.  I jumped from bed and knelt to pray.

“Father, this world has taken you out of our schools and out of the military.  Now you have been kicked out of church.  I pray that people's  eyes will be open before it too late.  You blessed great nation and now this country has rejected you.  God bless this country again.  but more importantly let your people wake up and stand for you like you stood for us at the cross.”  Amen

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Proud To Be A Deplorable Redneck

With the election only a month away, I have studied the issues and prayed about my vote.  I then realized there is only one way that is right for me and my family.  As a Christian, I feel I have a responsibility to vote and let my voice be heard.

First, I would like to address the words Trump said on the leaked tape.  I do not condone his words about women nor think they are acceptable in any way.  As a mother and grandmother of girls, his words disgust me.  However, I cannot condone Bill Clinton’s actions against women or Hillary’s attempts to ruin these women’s lives.  She states she is an advocate for women and children but her actions decimate her words.  When she laughed about getting the child rapist out of jail, I could not imagine the horror the 12 year old girl and her family felt.

I admit I do not find the characters of our choices admirable.  Both candidates have said and done disgusting and appalling things in the course of their campaigns.  This election is not about characters but so much more—our way of life.  Sexism and racism are running rampant in our country today and the government is fueling the fire with groups like Black Lives Matter creating havoc around the country. Police have been ostracized and treated like the enemy from our president on down through the ranks of elected officials across the country.  I agree Black Lives do matter but so do Blue Lives and everyone’s lives.

Our media is not reporting the new.  It has taken it upon itself to monitor what we see and hear.  There is no such thing as true objective reporting anymore.  Our media lies to us, our president lies to us, and Hillary lies to us and then lies about her lies to cover them up.  Who can we trust for the news anymore?

Now I want to tell you why I am voting for Trump based on the issues we are facing today.

First, our Economic Stability is at risk.  Hillary has promised so many things that sound good-too good.  I have always heard that is something sounds too good to be true it usually is.  Sure Trump did not pay taxes but he used a legal loophole—the same loophole Hillary Clinton did.  Trump is a business man that knows how to run a business.  If a worker did not do a satisfactory job, he wasn’t paid.  Trump did not accumulate his wealth by selling favors to rich influential friends.  He worked and built real estate.

The second issue I would like to address is our National Security.  I, for one, do not want open borders.  That is not to say I do not want immigrants coming to my country.  Many have come here to make a better life for their families and have followed legal channels to become citizens.  They were able to assimilate into our culture and have managed to make a good life here.  I am talking about the illegals who have come here and committed crimes against our citizens.  Many have been deported once and sometimes more than once.  I am talking about Muslims that come over here and refuse to assimilate into our culture insisting America cater to their culture.  Our Constitution is our law of the land—not Sharia law.  I find it very offensive that schools have kicked God out but are teaching Islam.  Our country was founded and established on Judeo-Christian values and should remain Judeo-Christian.  Our Constitution affords citizens with the second amendment—the right to carry guns.  Hillary wants to take guns from citizens.  She says that will make us safer.  Friends, if we give up our guns do you think criminals will give up theirs?  No, they will always find ways to get them.  The only objective this will accomplish will be to leave us defenseless.  Criminals do not care about laws.  Simply put, that is why they are called CRIMINALS.  Trump wants to protect Americans.  He wants to do what is right for this country.

Third, I would like to talk about Pro-Life.  I believe that God is the creator of life and no one has the right to play God and decide that a child’s life is not important.  Murder is murder whether it is in the womb or not.  Hillary believes that a child does not have constitutional rights even minutes before it is born.  If she believes that, what is stopping her from declaring that senior citizens don’t have constitutional rights either.

Finally, I would like to discuss the Supreme Court.  Whoever is elected will appoint 5 justices.  These people will have influence ever after the president leaves office.  Hillary did not say she wanted a supreme court that would uphold the constitution. Rather, she said she wanted a supreme court that would further the liberal agenda on same sex marriage and abortion.  She has already said that “Christians will have to change their beliefs on these issues in order to follow the laws and policies.”  Is that who we want in the White House?  Not me.  I will not abandon my faith because the government tries to tell me that it interferes with the law.  My God is the ruler of my life and He will always be the ruler of my life.

Friends, I urge you to do your own research and vote your conscience.  I am not telling you who to vote for.  But do not let the liberal media influence your vote. Remember, all it takes for evil to spread is for good men to do nothing.  I urge you to do your part to stop this spread of evil.  As a Christian, don’t stay home on election.  We have a duty and must not neglect it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

All Lives Matter in the Eyes of God

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:13-16 (NIV)

If you listen to the news or spend any time at all on social media you know about the riots and demonstrations that have happened in this country. The theme these riots center around is the mantra “Black Lives Matter.” I know I am taking an unpopular stand on this issue but the Bible clearly teaches us that All Lives Matter to Him. In Psalm 139 He tells us He knew us before we were born. He knows us this intimately because He made us. He did not say He made only one color, or gender and rest came along because of a major boom in the universe. No He said He created each every one of us in His image and He loves all of us.

Society tries to pit us against each other by telling us that all whites have something called “White Privilege.” What is this anyway? My God says we all have privilege to be alive and the privilege and opportunity to strive for a better life. I can hear some of you saying, “I don't have the opportunities to make a better life for myself. I was born into poverty and can't get out.” I say, “yes you do.” I was born into poverty and worked my way out of it. I did not say it would be easy. I said you can make your own opportunity. I have learned in my lifetime that anything worth having or doing requires hard work and sacrifice. If you have to work for something it becomes more valuable than something that was just handed to you.

When society shuns people because of skin color, gender, or sexual orientation the message is sent that “you are not as valuable or important as I am.” It is not our job to judge other people. That is God's job. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by a God that loves us. He thinks we are all special. We are all unique but we do have one thing in common. God loves us all, and to Him all lives matter. He loves us before were were born and His love continues today. In Matthew 5:44 we are instructed to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. He did not say this would be easy but it is necessary if we are His children to do if He lives in us. I remember a song I learned as a child, I dot know who wrote it but its message is relevant to us today: Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red and yellow; black and white,They are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the children of the world. Who are the children? We are and to Him all lives matter because He loves us all.

Jesus died on the cross thousands of years ago for each and every one of our sins—not just for my sins or your sins but all.  When we place one group of people above another, we are saying His sacrifice meant nothing.  Friends that is wrong.  I will say it again and again as long as there is breath in this old body.  ALL LIVES MATTER IN THE EYES OF GOD