Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Do Not Grow Weary

Friends, in Revelation we read about the last days.  Satan will be unleased upon the Earth to wreak havoc and is desperately trying to destroy souls for he knows his days are numbered.  If we look at the shape of the world today,,could this be what is going on?  People rioting in the streets, killing others because their views are different, countries waging war on other countries, people living only for themselves.  What was once thought to be good and right is now evil and hated and what was once called evil is now looked upon as right.  Terrorists and thugs are raping, beheading, shooting and torturing people.  My fellow Christians, we must persevere and keep on fighting the good fight.  God is on the throne and will send His Son for His children soon.  Do not grow weary in fighting the good fight or as Paul said “run  the race that is set before us”.  We mist daily pray for our country and its leaders.  We must also pray for each other.